The 4’000m of the Alps project

The 4’000m of the Alps project

Thursday, August 3, 2023


Birth of this beautiful project

Climbing the 4’000m in the Alps has long been a dream. At the end of 2012, while enjoying a ski week in Zermatt, the idea ended up on the bucket list !

The initial idea was to finish it before turning 50. However, I didn't start until 2015, 150th anniversary of the 1st ascent of the Matterhorn, when I climbed one of the world's dream mountains.

A few changes in professional and personal life later, the goal is now to complete the 82 summits before turning 55.

Few Milestones

  1. 1994 and 2020 Monte Rosa Dufourspitze
  2. 2015 Matterhorn Ascent
  3. 2019 Mont-Blanc Traverse
  4. 2022 All 4’000m of Switzerland completed (7 years after project start)

Few harder or longer ones

  1. 2019 Aiguilles du Diable
  2. 2020 Bionnassay Mont-Blanc Mont-Maudit Traverse
  3. 2020 Lenzspitze Nadelgrat
  4. 2021 Grand Combin Traverse
  5. 2021 Rochefort Grandes Jorasses Traverse
  6. 2022 Schreckhorn Lauteraarhorn Traverse
  7. 2023 Arête Dujardin Aiguille Verte Whymper Corridor


4000 des Alpes (Richard Goedeke)

The 4000m Peaks of the Alps (Martin Moran)

Flying the 82 4'000m

 20191205 Alps 82 4000m

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